Dog which fell 100 feet from North Yorkshire cliff reunited with owners

A dog that fell around 100 feet down a cliff onto a North Yorkshire beach whilst the tide was coming in has been reunited with its owners.

Frank, a terrier, was walking along Cleveland Way near Cayton Bay when it is believed he got the scent of a rabbit and took off, his owner Stewart ran after him and found that Frank had tumbled down towards a rocky outcrop on the beach.

Chris Gorman walking along the beach found Franks whilst Stewart was trying to get down the cliff path, he called the RSPCA and carried Frank along the beach as the tide was coming in.

Chris (33), from Scarbrough, said: "It was lucky I was down there really as I was on the rocks looking for fishing spots and it is not normally a place where people walk.

"Then I heard a whimpering noise and could see the poor dog and that it looked like he had a broken leg. I thought he had run off from his owner and slipped on rocks - I had no idea he had fallen so far at the time."

The cliff that Frank fell down in Cayton Bay. Credit: RSPCA

The dog was taken to a nearby vet by RSPCA animal rescuer Claire Little where he was found to have broken a bone on his front leg and a dislocated knee on his back leg.

Frank was reunited with his owners Frank and Alison after they contacted the dog warden.

Frank has had operations on his legs and is recovering at home with Alison, she said: "He had an operation by our vet and I am so pleased he is doing really well in himself."

Claire said: "It is such a high drop - he was a very lucky boy to survive the fall and then to be found especially as the tide was coming in. I would like to thank Chris for being great and bringing him up the cliff from the beach."

She added that people should try and keep dogs on leads on coastal paths.