Anything but a stainless season for the steel city's football clubs

It's been a miserable season for football fans on both sides of Sheffield.

Sheffield United players dejected after relegation from the Premier League Credit: PA

As we know United were relegated from the Premier League a couple of weeks ago and if Wednesday fail to better Derby's result tomorrow they'll go down to League One.

It'll be the first time both Sheffield clubs have been relegated in the same season.

Last week saw the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest days in Sheffield Wednesday's history. The day when Ron Atkinson's second division Owls beat Alex Ferguson's Manchester United 1-0 at Wembley in the Rumbelows League Cup final.

Ron Atkinson & Roland Nilsson holding the Rumbelows Cup Trophy in 1991 Credit: PA

However the number who can still hear John Sheridan's winning goal ping in off the post is ever decreasing.

We've talked to a lot of ex-players on the podcast that will go back to the days of Atkinson getting in the top tier, the trips to Wembley, the 93 cup finals. There's so many fans now who haven't seen that, they haven't experienced it, they don't know what it's like.

Stevie Spence, the Wednesday Week Podcast

There hasn't been much for Wednesday fans to celebrate since and tomorrow they could be relegated to the third tier for the third time in the last 18 seasons.

Stevie Spence from The Wednesday Week Podcast Credit: ITV Calendar

Host of The Wednesday Week podcast Stevie Spence admits the fans are resigned to their fate: "The general concensus amongst Wednesday fans at the moment is just 'put us out of our misery and let's just crack on with trying to put things right.'"

Football finance expert Dan Plumley from Sheffield Hallam University Credit: ITV Calendar

Football finance expert Dan Plumley says United stand to lose around 60 million pounds from relegation, whereas Wednesday would take an 8 million pound hit.

"It's not the end of the world for Sheffield United but it is a reduction and they'll have to look at squad costs, reducing operating costs as well as any club does. For Wednesday it's a bit more of a serious situation I think because the difference between League One and the Championship is quite large."

If you look at the financial performance of that club over the last few years it has been a downward trend. If anything Wednesday will be worse off than Sheffield United in relative terms given the standings of the club at the minute.

Dan Plumley, Sheffield Hallam University

Journalist Alan Biggs has been covering football in Sheffield for nearly half a century. He says he's never known a season as miserable as this.

Journalist Alan Biggs Credit: ITV Calendar

"Singularly I've known the clubs be at an even lower ebb than they are now. Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United have been down the leagues, but together? Relegated? First time ever? Never even conceived it."

Football does work in cycles. I do expect both clubs to be back in the top flight again. Whether simultaneously or not we'll have to wait and see but there is a brighter future. It can't get worse!

Alan Biggs, Journalist

For fans of both clubs it's hoped the good old times like Wembley 91 aren't too far away.