Meet Santa's newest recruit as South Yorkshire farm welcomes birth of 'miracle' reindeer

Cannon Hall Farm said the little bull has yet to be named Credit: Canon Hall Farm

Christmas has come early at a South Yorkshire farm which has welcomed the newest recruit to Santa's sleigh team with the arrival of its first every baby reindeer.

Mum Dancer gave birth to the baby bull last week at Cannon Hall Farm much to the delight of everyone who works there.

It is the first reindeer we have ever had born at the farm and it was a truly magical moment.

Rob Nicolson, director

Farmer Rob said Dancer, who is the only female reindeer at the farm, is a natural mum and both her and the baby are doing well.

WATCH: This footage, courtesy of Canon Hall Farm, was taken just hours after the little reindeer was born.

The public had a chance to see the latest attraction over the bank holiday weekend as the little bull got accustomed to life on the 125 acre farm.

Proud mum Dancer with her baby boy Credit: Canon Hall Farm

But Santa's newest trainee does not currently have a name.

Farmer Rob added: "Dancer thankfully didn’t need any help from us at all - but the pressure is now on to find a suitable name for her son, who might one day end up pulling Santa’s sleigh too.”

Cannon Hall Farm is now open to the public in line with Covid-19 guidelines. All tickets have to be pre-booked in advance online.