Region's airports eagerly await news about government foreign travel plans

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The boss of Doncaster Sheffield Airport says he's eagerly awaiting an announcement this week from the government about foreign travel.

The Prime Minister has said he wants to see some opening up of foreign travel on the 17th May but said it was important to be cautious.

At Doncaster Sheffield Airport, passenger numbers have dropped by 85% because of the pandemic.

Chris Harcombe, Managing Director of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, is confident they can bounce back, but says the industry needs certainty. 

He said: ''We've got more seats on sale at Doncaster Sheffield Airport than we ever have. So we absolutely have the capacity, the key is restrictions. Confidence is key.''

Stephen Trigg, Lauden Chocolate Credit: ITV News

traffic light system for travel destinations is expected to be revealed in "early May", according to the government, ahead of England taking its next step out of lockdown on May 17 - as set out in the PM's roadmap.

In Leeds, Stephen Trigg was making chocolates for British Airways, but doesn't expect that part of his business to take off again anytime soon.

The pandemic has been tough on his company with revenues dropping by 85% overnight, in part due to the sudden loss of orders from BA. 

Stephen said: ''We've had to re-think and remodel and do some new innovations. With hospitality opening back up we've got some orders starting to come in.

He added: ''We don't see any immediate recovery in the aviation industry. We're putting it down to two to three years until we're back to the levels we saw pre-pandemic.''

Mohammad Ilyas, Taxi driver Credit: ITV News

Airport taxi driver Mohammad Ilyas driver thinks many people are keen to get abroad and hopes things will bounce back more quickly.

He said: ''When the pandemic came, everything went upside down. Without the government grants I don't know what we would have done.''

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said government plans set out "very shortly" will "cover what is happening from May 17 onwards", so people have the "details they need" to book a holiday.

Although the list of nations that will be on the green list has not yet been announced the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) downgraded its travel advice for several popular holiday destinations on Tuesday.

The FCDO has now stopped advising against non-essential travel to Portugal (excluding the Azores), Spain’s Canary Islands or the Greek islands of Rhodes, Kos, Zante, Corfu and Crete.

The change in travel advice has led to speculation the holiday destinations could be on the green list when it is revealed.