'I've never known such pain' - Mother of man killed in Scottish hotel fire speaks of fight for justice

A mother whose son died in a hotel fire in Scotland in 2017 has spoken about her fight for an inquest into his death.

Simon Midgley and his partner Richard Dyson, who were from Nottinghamshire and West Yorkshire, died in the blaze at Cameron House by Loch Lomond, last month it was announced that a Fatal Accident Investigation, similar to an inquest, would not be held into their deaths.

Jane Midgley has said that she will fight that decision as her life stopped when she lost "her boys".

She said: "I've never known such a pain. It never goes away. Nearly 3 and half years later, the pain is just as hard as it was on day one."

The fire at Cameron House in 2017. Credit: ITV News

Last month a coroner concluded that the two men were killed unlawfully, the fire had started after a night porter put a bag full of embers in a cupboard.

After the criminal case, Jane believed a fatal accident inquiry would follow. She was stunned to be told this will not go ahead as the reasons for the blaze have been established.

"As a mum, you're never going to think you've got justice and no fine, no jail sentence would ever be enough, but it just went from bad to worse," she said.

Evidence was heard by the coroner who concluded the men had been killed unlawfully about how the guest list was left inside the hotel during the evacuation and there was a gap of more than an hour between firefighters arriving and them working out Mr Dyson and Mr Midgley were missing.

Jane said: "I still want to know why my boys couldn't get out and I'm not going away. I look at his photograph every day and I say 'Simon, I'm going to fight for you'.

"I'm never going to get justice, but if we can save someone else's life by having this fatal accident inquiry I'll feel like I've done something. I've got to do something for the boys, I can't just put a full stop and end it."