Local Elections 2021: The results across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Counting is taking place across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire after people went to the polls on May 6 to vote for local councillors, city mayors, metro mayors and police and crime commissioners.

The results are expected to be announced throughout the weekend as social distancing has meant that counting will take longer than usual.

Labour have seen support drop in certain areas as they lost out to the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in some areas.

ITV Calendar's Political Correspondent Harry Horton said: "If you speak to senior Conservatives in our region, they think there's been a fundamental shift in areas once considered Labour heartlands. They say election results this year are proof the 2019 general election wasn't an anomaly. 

"Labour activists are glum. The coming weeks and months will see a lot of debate and soul searching within the party."

West Yorkshire mayor

Labour's Tracy Brabin has been elected as the inaugural mayor of West Yorkshire.

The final results following the second preference count are as follows:

Tracy Brabin (Labour) 310,923

Matt Robinson (Conservative) 209,137

The count went down to second preferences after Tracy Brabin failed to secure 50% of the votes in the first round.

Here's how the results stood after the first round.

Tracy Brabin topped the leaderboard after the first round Credit: ITV Calendar

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Leeds Council

Labour have held onto control of Leeds City Council despite losing two seats to hold 54 seats on the council.

The Conservatives and Morley Borough Independent Party both won one extra seat each.

Doncaster mayor

Labour's Ros Jones has been re-elected as the mayor of Doncaster for the third time following one of the only overnight counts in the region.

The turnout was just over 28%, which is slightly lower than the last election.

Doncaster Council

Labour has retained control of Doncaster Council after winning 40 seats out of a possible 55 in an "all-out" election.

Every council seat in the borough was up for election this year - 11 seats were won by the Conservatives, three seats were won by Mexborough First and one was won by Edlington and Warmsworth First.

North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

The Conservative candidate for the role Philip Allott was elected on the second count of votes defeating Labour's Alison Hulme by over 30,000 votes.

Bradford City Council

Labour maintained a healthy majority on Bradford Council by defending all the seats they had up for election sucessfully.

The Conservatives won four new seats to take their total on the council to 25, the Green Party also won a new seat at the election.

Lincolnshire County Council

The Conservatives have retained overall control of Lincolnshire County Council, they have won 54 seats in total, which is 4 less than in 2017, but was more than enough to ensure they won a majority.

Labour have 4 seats on the council, there are 5 independents, 1 Lincolnshire Independent, 3 Liberal Democrats and 3 South Holland Independents.

North East Lincolnshire Council

The Conservatives have held control of North East Lincolnshire Council, winning nearly every seat up for grabs in Grimsby in the process.

The Tories won 12 seats in total, the Liberal Democrats won two whilst Labour lost six.

The story of the election was 19-year-old Georgia Astbury, a politics student at Lincoln University, who won the seat from Labour's David Watson for the Tories.

Sheffield City Council

Labour have lost control of the council to No Overall Control after nine seats were won by the Liberal Democrats and six by the Green Party.

The leader of the council, Labour's Bob Johnson, lost his Hillsborough seat to the Green Party.

The Conservative's won their first seat in the city in 20 years, meaning that the council will now have 41 Labour councillors, 29 Liberal Democrats, 13 Greens and 1 Conservative.

Derbyshire County Council

The Conservatives held control of Derbyshire County Council and increased their majority by nine.

Labour lost seats to leave the make-up of the council as:

Hull Council

Labour have retained control of Hull Council despite the opposition Liberal Democrats winning two seats.

Labour won 9 seats that were up for grabs compared with the Lib Dem's 10 - the overall make-up of the council is:

Barnsley Council

Labour have held onto Barnsley Council losing no seats that they were defending. The Liberal Democrats won three seats at the expense of Independent candidates.

Wakefield Council

Labour has retained control of Wakefield Council, however, they lost six seats to the Conservative party.

The Tories won eight seats in total in the elections, whilst Labour won 13 to keep their healthy majority on the council.

Rotherham Council

Rotherham have held onto control of the council in Rotherham but have lost 11 seats as the Conservatives picked up 20 seats, having not had a single seat before today.

Independent candidates lost out but losing 15 seats, but the big uptick in Tory support shows that the "blue wave" seen in South Yorkshire in 2019 is continuing.

Calderdale Council

Labour have held onto control of Calderdale Council after not losing any seats that they were defending.

The Conservatives gained three seats on the council at the expense of the Liberal Democrats and Independent candidates, however, Labour maintains a healthy majority.

Kirklees Council

Kirklees Council has stayed as No Overall Control after the Labour Party failed to win enough seats to gain a majority.

Labour remain the largest party with 33 seats having gained an extra seat, the Conservatives gained two seats to take their overall total to 19.

The leader of Kirklees Council Horton White said that they seemed to be bucking the national trend, but that the national picture for the Labour Party was "worrying".

Lincoln Council

Labour has kept control of Lincoln Council - only 11 seats were up for election in the city so the control of the council could not change.

Labour and the Conservatives both won five seats with the Liberal Democrats winning the other at the expense of Labour.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Marc Jones, the current Conservative candidate has been re-elected on the first count winning over 59% of the vote and increasing his share by over 20%.

Mr Jones has served in the post since 2016 and defeated Labour's Rosanne Kirk by almost 70,000 votes.

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner

The Conservative candidate Jonathan Evison has defeated the incumbent Labour PCC Keith Hunter by just under 8,000 votes in the second round of counting.

Evison led the first round of voting but failed to secure the necessary 50% of the vote share that was required.

Nottinghamshire County Council

The Conservatives have gained control of Nottinghamshire County Council after winning 37 seats in the election.

Labour won 15 seats, whilst Ashfield Independents won 10 seats, Independents 3 seats and the Liberal Democrats have one seat.

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Conservative's Angelique Foster has won with 149,749 votes, ahead of Labour's Hardyal Singh Dhindsa who secured 117,564.

South Yorkshire Polie and Crime Commissioner

Dr Alan Billings, Labour, has been re-elected as South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dr Billings was elected during the first round of voting with over 52% of the vote, beating Conservative candidate David Chinchen and Liberal Democrat Joe Otten.