Calls for clear guidance following Kirklees government travel advice

Watch: Video report by Chris Kiddey

There has been confusion and anger in part of our region after new coronavirus advice appeared on the government website for anyone living in the Kirklees council area.

It is in response to the speed in which the Indian variant is spreading there. Kirklees is currently the fourth highest place in the country for cases.

Yesterday, there were 23 new coronavirus cases detected in Kirklees. The rate in the district is 95.3 cases per 100,000 people.

In Yorkshire and the Humber that number falls to 35.3 cases. And the national average is lower at 23.2 cases - more than four times lower than  Kirklees.

The government issued the advice on Friday and says it provided the additional guidance when it became aware of the risk posed by the variant.

The new measures include meeting outdoors rather than indoors and not travelling out of the area.

The government has been accused of “incompetence” after advising against all but essential travel in eight areas of England.

Political leaders are  seeking urgent clarification of the new rules.

The leader of Kirklees Council would not be drawn on what he thought people should do in response to the new advice.

A Kirklees GP meanwhile who is involved in the vaccination programme says repeated testing for the virus is now essential.

Dr Henna Anwar said:"I would definitely advise people to have the PCR test. The advice is twice a week especially if you are leaving not only for work purposes but going to see people as well because it is always better to know if you are positive for the virus."