Doncaster dog needed life-saving surgery after swallowing 18cm kebab skewer

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Bobby Credit: VetsNow

A cocker spaniel is lucky to be alive after he swallowed an 18cm chicken kebab skewer.

Bobby, a 10-year-old pooch from Doncaster, needed life-saving surgery when the wooden skewer got wedged in his tummy and punctured his stomach lining.

Owner Julie Sykes, from Doncaster, saw the spike-like skewer disappear down Bobby’s throat when he grabbed it from her son Harvey as the family celebrated Harvey's 11th birthday with a take-away dinner. 

Bobby quickly became uncomfortable and the family had to rush him to the pet emergency clinic in town, where he had to undergo surgery.

During the operation the vet discovered it had damaged his stomach causing it to become inflamed needing it to be removed immediately before it could cause anymore damage.

The next morning Bobby was well enough to be transferred to Julie’s daytime vets, where he continued to recover from his ordeal over the next four days. 

Credit: Vets Now

Julie said: “Bobby is a huge part of our life and I dread to think what it would have been like if we’d lost him.” 

Bobby is now back home and well on the road to recovery.