Beach yoga one of many free classes being put on by East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Credit: ITV News

Beach Yoga is one of the many classes being run by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council this summer in a bid to get families outdoors.

The council hopes that the classes will get people to be active again after lockdown - with the classes being held on Hornsea beach in the mornings.

One of the people taking part told ITV News said: "I've never done it on the beach before, it's fantastic. Just look around it's so beautiful, you could be anywhere in the world."

Michelle Shenton, the yoga instructor was glad to have the good weather on her side, said: "This has been good today but we did it on Tuesday and it was cold, but it doesn't matter, it's what's around you that's most important.

"To be able to do this in nature, well you can't replace a view like that."

Kimmy Palmer, from East Riding Council, said: "The fact that we're providing a free opportunity for people to access an activity that's good for their mental health and wellbeing is just brilliant, especially Yoga, we've got people down today who have maybe never tried Yoga before so having it on the beach just gives them that extra push to come down."

More information on the classes can be found on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.