'It turned our family upside down': Former gambling addict and son launch app to help those struggling

A man from Sheffield says his father's former gambling addiction turned his family 'upside down' as he and his father launch an app to provide help to those struggling.

In 2014, David, now 64, was jailed for fraud after hiding a court case and crippling debts from his family.

He had amassed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt, including re-mortgaging the family home, all whilst a gambling habit escalated online to the point of him stealing from his employer.

It was made clear to his family only once they were told he had been handed a prison sentence for his crimes.

Credit: Family photo

His son Adam says he hopes their app can help be a ''lifeline'' for addicts but also help family members recognise signs of the ''hidden addiction.''

''It's an opportunity for the industry to put its best foot forward in providing additional safety messaging and a safe space for people to take time out at any point in an accessible way.''

David said he needed intervention at the height of his addiction but never sought any help.

''Only on very few occasions did I feel I needed help but for sure on any of those rare moments there was no life raft to guide me and indeed support me - hence I drowned in my delusional world and nobody was listening.''

The mobile app, BetProtect, aims to be a player safety centre whilst creating a “take a break” facility. It has been created with the input of specialist therapists, counsellors as well as those with lived experiences.