New rules making it easier for LGBT+ community to give blood from next week

New rules which will make it easier for people from the LGBT+ community to give blood will start next week.

The change in the rules means that all donors, regardless of gender, will be asked the same questions about relationships and behaviours.

Under current rules men who were in a sexual same-sex relationship were unable to give blood under certain conditions, however, from next week those men will be able to donate if they have had the same partner for three months or more.

An exclusive ITV News survey found half of gay, bisexual and transgender men are more likely to donate blood as a result of the change.

An exclusive ITV Survey found that 50% of LGBT+ men would give blood. Credit: PA

Jordan Keating, from the campaign group Yorkshire Memsmac, said: "I am really excited, I think it is a long time overdue for our community and there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to give blood in 2021.

"It should have been rectified a long time ago."

Dr Ranj Singh said that views that blood from gay, bisexual or transgender men was "risky" was "outdated and not based in any evidence".

Philip Carter-Graham, a donation nurse who is in a long term relationship said he wants to be the first to donate.

"I wear my badges with pride but the one I want most is my donation badge," he said.

"The new donation safety check is more fair across genders and sexualities and we've removed all gender questions from the safety checks."

"We have the euros starting and lockdown is easing so people might not continue to donate but we'd ask them to continue."

NHS Blood and Transplant say safety is at the forefront of what they do.

More information on the rules and how and where to donate blood can be found here.