Wedding Industry in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire waits to find out fate ahead of 'freedom day' announcement

The wedding industry is waiting for news on whether weddings will be allowed to increase their capacity from June 21.

On June 14 the government are expected to announce whether all covid restrictions will be lifted, however, with rising covid rates it is expected that there will be a delay in the roadmap.

For more than a year couples hoping to get married have had to either scale back their plans or postpone them.

Businesses in the sector say they are now desperate for certainty over when the rules will change.

At Wharfedale Grange near Harrogate, they would usually do three weddings a week with up to 270 guests, but in the last 12 months, they have hosted just three.

There are some reports that the limit on 30 guests could be lifted regardless of what happens on June 21, but wedding planner Natasha New said that should have happened anyway.

"You can have thousands of people in a stadium, you could have more than half-capacity at a restaurant or a bar, you can have uncapped numbers at a funeral service, that's all allowed to go ahead, but weddings aren't," she said.

"We're literally put to the bottom of the pile. I just don't think it's been fair on the industry whatsoever."

Jessica Woolley - soon to be Jessica Purba - has had her big day booked since before the pandemic.

She said: "You know we went through a phase of thinking we'll be alright, it's months away, this time next year we'll not be in this situation and here we are.

"We're two weeks away from our wedding and we're not excited, we're stressed, I've been ill, sick.

"Our guest list for the day is a hundred and two, the limit's 30, we're potentially cutting 72 people from our day. It's gut-wrenching, it makes me feel sick."

The vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi, urged caution today, he said: "Let's not squander those hard-fought and won battles, let's take things really carefully, we'll share the data with the nation and of course be able to then on Monday say exactly where we will be for June and beyond."