Christian Eriksen: Yorkshire charity contacted by dozen grass-root sports clubs about defibrillators

The parents of Daniel Wilkinson, who died whilst playing football in Barnsley, have said they know what Christian Eriksen's family were going through on Saturday when he collapsed.

Daniel, who was 24 when he died, collapsed and passed away as a result of a previously undiagnosed heart condition in 2016 - a charity set up by his mum and dad has donated 27 defibrillators to grass-root sports clubs since his death.

12 other organisations have contacted Gillian and Barry Wilkinson since Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing for Denmark in Euro 2020 on June 12.

Christian has survived the ordeal and Daniel's parents said they were "really pleased" he was saved but that it upset them that their son couldn't have been so lucky.

The charity has also screened 300 hearts as part of its work to save the lives of people playing sport.

Credit: PA

Eriksen is currently recovering in hospital and has thanked fans for their support.

In the message via his agent, he said: “Thank you, I won’t give up. I feel better now – but I want to understand what’s happened.

"I want to say thank you all for what you did for me."CPR searches on Google have increased since Eriksen collapsed with the British Heart Foundation seeing a 90% increase in traffic compared to the previous weekend. Its most popular pages were about cardiac arrests, how to perform CPR and defibrillators.