Museum in Hull asking locals to help record Caribbean Culture for Windrush Day

Credit: PA

Hull’s Caribbean stories will be brought to life at The National Caribbean Heritage Museum on Windrush Day.

Museumand is asking local people to help them create a new book, exploring, discovering and recording Caribbean culture.

They are looking for local people to get involved as researchers, guides and collectors of artefacts, and for individuals and communities to share their stories and experiences.

Both the book and culture trail will also contribute to an online version of the project, providing a legacy for future generations in the city.

As part of the programme, local people will be able to pick up free copies of Museumand’s book ’70 Objeks & Tings – Celebrating 70 Years of Caribbeans in the UK’ in libraries around Hull.

Each chapter is full of fun facts, insights and stories exploring Caribbean Food, Caribbean Contributions to the Caribbean, Caribbean Homes in the UK, Caribbean Hair, Beauty & Dress, and Caribbean Culture.

Catherine Ross, Founder and Director of Museumand, said it will showcase the talent in the region.

“We want to show the common thread in the stories of all the different peoples that have made their home in Hull, and we hope the programme will resonate with all cultures and communities. We are all connected, wherever we are from.”

What is Windrush Day?

Windrush day is celebrated on June 22.

It is a day to remember the first generation of people from the Caribbean, who came over to the UK by invitation to help rebuild Britain after the World War Two.

Many of those who left sunnier climes were ex-servicemen who fought with the UK in the Second World War and had been invited to a bomb-damaged Britain to fill labour shortages.

It was established as a celebration to honour the enormous contribution those who made that journey - and others who followed from elsewhere - have made to Britain.