North Yorkshire traders concerned as covid hospital admissions double in a week

There is concern in one part of our region which has seen rates quadruple in a month. 

North Yorkshire as a whole remains below the national average, but there are hotspots emerging.

The number of Covid patients in the county's hospitals has almost doubled in the last week.

The rise comes as the Delta variant of the virus continues to spread - with the county's infection rate up to 81 cases per 100,000 from 18 at the start of the month.

In York the infection rate is 126 per 100,000 people.

Pop up vaccine clinics are to be held over the weekend as health bosses urge people to get vaccinated.

 Louise Wallace, Director of Public Health for North Yorkshire said: "Really important to get two doses of the vaccination. Vaccination is now being offered to over 18s, so really good, people can get out there and get those vaccinations, get two doses and that's a really important measure in order to curb the impact of any variant of coronavirus and of course the Delt variant, which is the one that's across the county currently."

Some businesses in York say they will need financial help if restrictions go on beyond July.