RSPCA launches 'Cancel Out Cruelty' campaign with rise in summer months predicted

Dog with neck cone to illustrate cruetly to animals
Cruelty to animals increases during the summer months Credit: RSPCA

Beatings, knife crime, drowning and intentional killing are just some of the horrific incidents RSPCA animal rescuers deal with every day.

And sadly cruelty to animals peaks during the summer months when the charity sees a rise by around 400 calls, on average, per month, which equates to 47 calls every day or two every hour.

The RSPCA gets around 84,000 calls to its cruelty line every month and around 1,500 of those are about intentional cruelty. There were 1,819 incidents of intentional harm to animals in Lincolnshire alone over past five years,.

The charity has released the figures as part of is Cancel Out Cruelty campaign to raise funds to keep its rescue teams out on the frontline saving animals in desperate need of help and to raise awareness about how the public can all help stamp out cruelty for good.

July is a particularly busy month for investigating cruelty - last year the RSPCA dealt with a spike in intentional cruelty as 1,532 incidents were called through to their emergency helpline and the charity is expecting a similar spike this July.

The increase in the number of people gaining a pet during lockdown has also led to more animals suffering if their owners find themselves unable to cope once they return to jobs outside of the home or suffer financial pressures.

Dermot Murphy, head of RSPCA animal rescue teams, said as well as more people being out and about in the longer sunny days, seeing and reporting abuse, there were a number of other factors leading to the increase in cruelty.

Anyone who wants to report animal cruelty is asked to call the RSPCA hotline on 0300 1234 999