Three year old boy to show sheep at Great Yorkshire show for first time alongside brother

At just 6 years old Samuel Brook is ahead of the flock when it come to sheep handling.

But this year he has got tough competition in the form of his younger brother Benjamin who is half his age! 

The two boys are showing their chosen sheep in the young handlers class at this year's Great Yorkshire Show.

Benjamin and Samuel's father, Luke Brook said: "This year we are just ready to show our sheep off. Benjamin is at a great age, Samuel is as well and getting much better. So I think this year is going to be a great year."

The boys have been practising hard and grandfather and coach Peter Ellis is 'very proud' that they will be competing in event.

"It is the best in the country - only the best of the best sheep are there . So it's a real competition. It is a hard thing to do to stand in the ring in front of everybody. "

Especially when it is your first time, which it will be for 3-year-old Benjamin.

Benjamin Brook aged 3

For Samuel, who is an expert in his field, he is undeterred, because he has a strong bond with his 120 kilo Lincoln long wool called Ivan.

He said: "I love my Ivan boy so that makes me really happy when he does good stuff. "

Samuel and Ivan the sheep

But who will take the lead in the competition - all will be decided on Thursday when they enter the ring.