All eyes on Yorkshire students after agriculture college gets £1.7m high tech boost

An agriculture college in Lincolnshire is hoping a £1.7m investment in technology will encourage more young people to take up farming.

It means students can now access the latest cutting edge technologies thanks to the new centre for Precision Agriculture at Bishop Burton college.

Andrew Manfield - farming technology developer - said new technology can aid farmers to do a better job and soon they will be able to 'control the machines remotely ' or do it themselves.

He said the RC75 autonomous vehicle, (pictured below} is a good example as it will do 'the cultivating and seeding for farmers while they do other things."

RC75 autonomous vehicle

Bill Meredith from Bishop Burton college said :" We also need to be kinder to the environment, to reduce the environmental impact, and to do that effectively, you need all the information that you can get digitally, to know how to inform you decisions in the best way to improve productivity and the environment."

Mhairi Brown who is a student at Bishop Burton college said embracing new technology will make life easier. "You don't need big tractors, although everyone loves big tractors, you don't need them, so if you have a few horses and you want to get into their fields and spray off the grass a bit, you can with that, instead of hiring a big tractor, it makes life easier."

£1.7m has been invested by the Department of Education for the college's new facilities and equipment, an acknowledgement that improving technical and digital skills has a wider industrial impact. 

Sharon Kirby, from the college said:"Agriculture is at the forefront of everything, it really is leading. Some of the technologies we have, other industries have used, so what we teach today is out of date tomorrow so having this new equipment enhances that for us."

The college says employers from across the globe are already looking to Yorkshire's students - trained to be  the highest quality professionals in the field.