Introducing cricket's newest competition: The Hundred

It's cricket, but not as we've ever seen it before.

Today (21 July) up at Headingley, a dress rehearsal of the sport's newest competition, the Hundred. Men's and women's players from the Leeds based Northern Superchargers had the chance to get to grips with the new rules.

It's still 11 players on each team. One team bowls, the other bats. Wickets fall, runs are scored, but it's all done at super speed.

Northern Superchargers in action Credit: ITV Calendar

The hundred gets its name because each team has 100 balls to score as many runs as they can.

The traditional six ball overs are gone. Instead ten balls are bowled from one end, which can be split between two bowlers, bowling five balls apiece. Are you following?

There'll be big hits aplenty, both on and off the pitch with the introduction of an in-stadium live DJ.

The idea behind the Hundred is to sell the sport to a younger, more diverse audience. The traditionalists though aren't buying it.

"The biggest objection is calling it cricket. It's not cricket."

Keith Moss, former Yorkshire CCC Chairman Credit: ITV Calendar

Former Yorkshire chairman Keith Moss fears for the future of the longer format of the game.

The Northern Superchargers are one of 8 teams in this inaugural competition. England's Headingley hero Ben Stokes one of many stars who play in purple this summer.

It's also the first time men's and women's teams will get equal billing, and equal prize money.

The Superchargers open up against the Welsh Fire here at Headingley on Saturday.

The heat won't be the only thing making organisers sweat. They'll be praying the Hundred proves a big hit.