Councils to continue free meals and activities for disadvantaged children this summer

Credit: PA Images

Councils across our region will offer holiday activities and food clubs for disadvantaged children during the summer.  

Every council in England will run a HAF club with face-to-face provision for children.

The expanded national programme ran at Easter and continues this summer, providing free face-to-face places as well as meals for children eligible for free school meals.

The clubs will also offer a range of activities including sport, arts and crafts, and creative experiences to support some of the most disadvantaged children. 

Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford said the scheme benefits children from lower incomes who ''may not get the same opportunities'' 

“I’ve seen first-hand how this scheme benefits children from lower incomes, who may not get the same opportunities to take part in summer activities as others.''

''It is enabling councils to provide important wellbeing and enrichment support, in a versatile way that best suits children and young people in their area.'' 

It will also run during the Christmas holidays this year in all 151 local authorities. 

Additional support for vulnerable families is also available through the Covid Local Support Grant, which has been extended through to September to help families with food, key utility bills and heating costs.