'We need a miracle': eviction notices served on Oulton estate set for demolition

Eviction notices have been served on residents of a former mining community in Leeds, three years after neighbours began a fight to save their homes from being bulldozed. 

Linda Elsworth and Cindy Readman, who live on the affected Oulton estate, have been told they have to find somewhere else to live by 1 December.

Residents have spent years trying to stop plans to tear down these historic miners homes.

Two years ago they thought they had won when Leeds Council blocked the developers plans.

But their campaign ended with a government ruling that the estate, built in the 1950s, could be knocked down.

There is now an appeal for Leeds Council to step in to buy and refurbish the homes to boost its housing stock.

A meeting is being held this evening (4 August), where the idea is set to be put to council leaders.

The council says it is committed to working with residents and wants to maximise the amount of affordable housing on-site for existing tenants, as the current private owners scheme progresses.