Emergency services use crane to rescue horse from canal in Beverley

Credit: MEN Media

A horse has been rescued from a canal at Beverley Beck in a major rescue operation involving a crane.

Humberside Fire and Rescue attended the scene at around 9.50am. According to a witness, the crew were unable to get the horse to safety through old-fashioned beckoning. Instead they used a crane to rescue the large horse from the water safely at around 11.50am.

The animal was said to be attempting to get back up onto the grass banking but slipping back into the water.

Fire fighters were seen attaching crane ropes to the sinking horse before pulling it out the water with force.

A vet was in attendance who checked the horse follow its rescue. It was reported to have no emergency health concerns.

Credit: MEN Media

Witness Gavin Hoe-Richardson recalls: "I was walking down Beverley Beck to film a YouTube video and the emergency services passed me.

"It was officially rescued around 11.50am.

"The horse was not submerged it was stuck in the water unable to getback up the bank."

Humberside Fire and Rescue said: