Breaking barriers: Being South Asian and gay

Wasim Feroze says he was left broken after spending the majority of his life hiding his true identity.

But during lockdown last year, at the age of 31, he found the courage to come out as gay to his friends and family.

"It does negatively impact you and it does take you to a really dark place.

"I thought the only other alternative for myself was just not to be around. That's the difficult thing, that I was searching for a home and I couldn't find it for a very long time."

It took Wasim over a decade to feel like he could be his true self. He said throughout his teenage years he felt he had to play a character around friends and family just to fit in.

He's now speaking out to remind others in the South Asian community that your sexuality doesn't change who you are.

He also wants to encourage anyone struggling that there is help out there, in the hope they don't have to spend years hiding who they truly are, like he felt he had to.

Where to get help and support: