Businesses in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire react to self-isolation rule change

Businesses that have been struggling with staff isolations due to the so-called "pingdemic" have been reacting to the change in self-isolation rules.

Leeds and Sheffield were particularly badly affected with Leeds having the highest number of people self-isolating at several points in July, with over 9,400 people told to isolate in one week.

Oli Lees, who is the general manager at Mojo in Leeds, said that the bar was getting back on the right track, but was still not at the level it was before the pandemic.

The rules

  • From today people will not have to self-isolate if contacted by NHS Test and Trace if they are fully vaccinated and it has been at least 14 days since their second jab.

  • They will also need to return a negative PCR test, but they will not need to isolate whilst they are waiting for the result.

  • People under the age of 18 will also not need to isolate if they have been in contact with a positive case.

  • Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will have to isolate regardless of their age or vaccination status.

Barney Mynott, who is part of the West Yorkshire Federation of Small Businesses, said: "Small business owners are feeling so much more confident than they were at the beginning of this year when we had the last major lockdown.

"And the easing of self-isolation rules today are going to help this further so that's really good."

The bar could not be fully staffed during the last few months because of isolation rules. Credit: ITV News

Tony Rovezzano, who owns a gaming bar in Lincoln, said that he struggled to get staff because of the self-isolation rules.

"Once people were allowed to come in without a mask on the rates went through the roof which led to my staff getting pinged," he said.

"We're only a small venue, it was bound to happen. The last girl we had working for us decided she didn't want to work in this environment because it made her anxious, which I get...but as a business owner I have to have staff to operate."

Young workers at the Lincoln Showground vaccination centre told ITV News that the rule change was good news for them and removed the anxiety of having to miss working because of isolation rules.