Doncaster mother's quest for the truth over son's tragic death in cyprus

Jordan Cook died after falling from an apartment block in Northern Cyprus. Credit: Family Photo

A mother from Doncaster has vowed to fight for the truth surrounding the tragic death of her son in Cyprus where he lived and worked.

Police say Jordan Cook took his own life after his body was found at the foot of an apartment block, but his mum Charlie says the 23-year-old had everything to live for, and questions whether a proper investigation into his death was carried out.

Charlie said that the death "doesn't make sense" as Jordan was laughing and joking with her on the phone the day before he died.

"My son did not kill himself. He had too much to live for. Far too much to live for," she said.

Charlie has claimed that the Cypriot police and the British High Commission in Nicosia won't discuss the case with her.

The Foreign Office has said that it continues to provide assistance to Jordan's family and ITV News has received no response from the police in Cyprus.

The Conservative MP for Doncaster, Nick Fletcher, has promised his support. He told ITV News he's been in contact with the British High Commission in Cyprus and has also asked the coroner's office in Wakefield to look into Jordan's death. 

He added: "The situation in northern Cyprus is extremely complex and my team have taken steps to brief me on these details - including the fact no formal diplomatic relationship between northern Cyprus  and the United Kingdom exists."