Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips surprises junior footballers at old club

Kalvin Phillips surprised young footballers at his old club, Wortley FC, last week as part of a bid to get more young people to sign up for football sessions.

Leeds United's Phillips, who was one of England's stars at this year's European Championships, said it was great to see the youngsters getting involved in sport.

He said: "For a lot of young kids to come and play football for the first time, yes It's nice to see everyone they're very loud they're energetic that's exactly how I used to be when I was younger."

He added: "Coming here and doing this sort of thing  really helps them out and they get to meet a lot of kids from different cultures which is massively important as well.."

Cameron Richardson, one of the coaches at Wortley, said: "If you have a look around a lot of the kids have actually got his hairstyle, I just think its great for them to actually see him, a lot of them support Leeds so yes its just great that he came down to say hello."

Phillips has said that he wants parents to register their kids for free Fun Football sessions which can be found here.