Afghanistan: Veterans' charity seeing 'massive increase' in calls since Taliban took over

The veterans' charity Combat Support has said they have seen a "massive increase" in calls to them since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Jeff Harrison, the CEO of the charity, told ITV News that it can typically take 14 years for a veteran to reach out, as the brain hides memories until something triggers them.

He said that in the weeks since Kabul fell to the Taliban and the chaos at the airport unfolded as foreign nations sought to evacuate people they have received 400 calls - up from an average of 215.

He added: "What the veterans are seeing either on television or in the papers trigger or re-trigger memories that they had of those really really difficult times that they saw when they were in Afghanistan.

"So the more intensive scenes are, the more we see them in the press, the more extreme those triggers are, so we are expecting more veterans will reach out to us and other charities."

His comments come as the Hull-based charity Hull4Heroes announced that they are launching a walk-in "man's club" to help veterans deal with what is happening in Afghanistan.

The last UK flight has left Kabul as the deadline for the removal of foreign troops draws nearer and the threat of further terrorist attacks grow - yesterday two bomb attacks killed 100 people and wounded over 150 others.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed 13,708 people have been evacuated by the UK since August 13.

If you have been affected by the scenes in Afghanistan you can find support here: