Tom Jones the stowaway kitten hitches ride from Wales to Leeds in car engine

Kitten hitches a lift from Wales to Leeds
Thanks for the ride Credit: RSPCA

A stowaway kitten which travelled from Wales to Leeds in a car engine has been named Tom Jones by RSPCA staff who are now looking after him.

Miraculously six-week-old Tom didn’t suffer any injuries and is now being cared for at the Halifax branch.

Tom the Welsh stowaway Credit: RSPCA

The motorist who found the trapped kitten arrived in Leeds after a 230 mile journey and lifted the bonnet after hearing a 'strange noise'.

They called the RSPCA and animal rescue officer Rebecca Goulding managed to reach him and bring him to safety.

It is unknown whether Tom belonged to someone or whether he is a stray cat. However, if anyone recognises him and is missing a pet, please get in touch with the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.