Grimsby 'invaded' by shopping trolleys as council urges people not to dump them

143 have been collected at the depot in Grimsby over the course of eight weeks. Credit: North East Lincolnshire Council

North East Lincolnshire Council says Grimbsy and its surrounding areas are being 'invaded' by shopping trolleys, after street cleaners collected more than 140 in just eight weeks.

The supermarket essential has been found in a number of places including on river banks, under bushes and on street corners and car parks.

Usually, the trolleys are collected by a private contractor and returned to the retailers or used for spares. If uncollected, they are scrapped and the metal is recycled to be used again.

Staff from the street cleansing team are monitoring the numbers collected and stockpiled 143 at their depot in Grimsby over the course of eight weeks. They say the problem has got worse recently.

Cllr Stewart Swinburn said the trolleys are unsightly, and warned they can cause injury to wildlife:

The council says when trolleys are dumped in rivers and water courses, they can collect other debris and cause blockages that could result in flooding.

They have been found on river banks, street corners and in car parks Credit: North East Lincolnshire Council

Grimsby’s Canoe River Cleaner, James Elliott, often pulls trolleys out of the River Freshney in Grimsby. He believes supermarkets should take more responsibility.

He added: "I personally feel that supermarkets need to take personal responsibility and work with people such as myself and other volunteers to resolve this problem, or at least tackle it better."