Humboldt penguin chick, Pickle, welcomed as new addition to zoo at Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Credit: Sewerby Hall and Gardens

A new Humboldt penguin has waddled her way into the main enclosure at Sewerby Hall and Gardens zoo, near Bridlington in East Yorkshire.

Pickle is the first chick to be born there for 11 years after new zoo arrival, six-year-old Sigsby paired up with 19-year-old mum, Twinny.

Credit: Sewerby Hall and Gardens

According to the zoo, the pair initially proved to be good parents, taking it in turns to sit on the egg. But as time went on, the keepers noticed that Sigsby wasn’t pulling his weight, leaving Twinny to do all the sitting.

When this became too much for Twinny, the egg was abandoned, so zookeepers stepped in and put it into an incubator.

Credit: Sewerby Hall and Gardens

The egg hatched at home with head zookeeper, John Pickering, who helped the chick break out of the egg, after it got stuck in the shell. He and his wife hand reared the chick until she was ready to move in with the other penguins.

Pickle is the first grandchild of 31-year-old penguin Rosie, who is believed to be the oldest Humboldt penguin in the world.

Head zookeeper John Pickering said:

Humboldt penguins are classed as vulnerable to extinction, so the news of the new arrival has been greeted with enthusiasm.