Soldier's family reunited with First World War medals found at Bridlington car boot sale

Descendant, Catherine Davies, made the journey to Hull to collect the medals Credit: MEN Media

A set of First World War medals unearthed at a car boot sale in East Yorkshire have been returned to the soldier’s family.

The two medals, awarded to Percy Richard Thompson, were spotted at the Strawberry Fields car boot sale, in Bridlington, earlier this year.

In the hope that he may be able to source any relatives of the soldier, the finder bought them and handed them over to the president of the Hull based Prince of Wales' Own Regiment of Yorkshire Association, Barry Medhurst.

Descendant, Catherine Davies, was found in Wales. She journeyed up to Hull to meet Mr Medhurst and reclaim the medals which she said would receive pride of place on her return home.

She explained:

After corresponding with Mr Medhurst and confirming the family link to Percy, Mrs Davies and her husband, David, decided to make a holiday out of the visit to retrieve the medals.

Mrs Davies said: "We have been so looking forward to coming to Hull and meeting up with Barry, his wife, Beryl, and receiving my ancestor’s medals.”

Mr Medhurst had originally been under the impression that the soldier may have been lost during the war but Mrs Davies was able to reveal that Percy, who was born in 1892, survived the war and died in 1974.

President of the Hull based Prince of Wales' Own Regiment of Yorkshire Association, Barry Medhurst handed the medals over

He was an ambulance driver with the Northumberland Fusiliers but had an accident and was discharged from the Army with a deep vein thrombosis.

After the war he worked on the trains, was married to Annie Hood and the couple had two children, Peter and Marjorie Lily. Mrs Davies thinks the medals may have come out of a house clearance.

Mrs Davies, who has two sons, two stepsons and a number of grandchildren, said: "I’m so looking forward to having these medals and so very, very grateful that this story has a nice ending after such a sad discovery of the medals at a car boot sale."

Mr Medhurst, who said back in May how much he hoped he would be able to trace the family of Percy, was delighted to have been able to arrange the meeting with Mrs Davies, at the Kingston Theatre Hotel, in Hull, where they enjoyed lunch together.

He said: “I am very pleased that we have been able to trace Catherine and that we could arrange to pass the medals on to her, it is only right and proper that they will remain in this soldier’s family."

Mr Medhurst, of North Hull Estate, served with the Prince of Wales' Own Regiment of Yorkshire, now part of the Yorkshire Regiment, from 1959 to 1970, and was Hull’s parade marshal for more than three decades, being responsible for hundreds of military parades in the city up until 2018.