The Barnsley therapy dog making a "thundering" difference

Thunder the seven year old Huskie therapy dog is such a part of the Barnsley Hospital family, he even has his own identity pass.

After months of helping staff throughout the stresses of the pandemic, they decided it was time to return the favour and honour him with a special tribute.

"Having a cuddle with Thunder has just meant the world to the staff. He's so well thought of", said Helen Green, Associate Director of Nursing.

"The charity has funded his visits and we are so proud of the exec team allowing us to have the visits for the staff"

And his owner, Adrian Ashworth, is in no doubt of the therapeutic benefits of just being near a dog like him.

"During the pandemic he has been on the Covid landings so he has worked with all the staff.

"He was with staff and patients all the way up to end of life work"

And he'll continue to visit the wards as long as he continues to get the reception he deserves - a little light relief in what can at times can be a rather a dark world.