York students offered accommodation 36 miles away in Hull

Over 100 students due to start at the University of York have been offered accommodation 36 miles away in Hull.

In an email sent to a number of students, the university said: "Unfortunately there are no available rooms across the city of York, either on or off campus to offer you."

Students who put York as their firm choice are guaranteed accommodation in York, but those who secured their place through Clearing, have been left in a scramble for private accommodation or have been offered housing in Hull.

Rhys Bishop, who is due to start an electronic engineering course in York, has only just been allocated accommodation in Hull.

He said: "It's like going to a new school as a kid, it's learning the area and unless I stay deliberately after uni and go around York, I'm not going to really know anything that's there even though my university is there."

"I feel like we should have been told earlier that there was a shortage of accommodation."

The University says it "understands the situation is far from ideal" but expects it to be temporary as new accommodation should become available in January 2022.

It will also provide shuttle buses to and from campus which will take around 45 minutes each way and is providing students a 10% discount.

However, some students have told ITV News that these aren't the only students being affected by the shortage. Demand is so high across the city that some say students are outbidding each other and even considering deferring until next year, as they still have no accommodation ahead of the start of term next week.

One postgraduate student said: "I've been looking for weeks and still have had no luck.

"I may have to take an offer at another university, despite York being my first choice, because there is simply nowhere to live."

Another said:

The University of York Students’ Union has said they are currently raising concerns with the University about how they will offer financial and wellbeing support to affected students that ensures we can offer them a safe, welcoming introduction that sets them up for success in their student life.

A spokesperson for the University of York said: “There has been huge demand for University accommodation across the UK, including York, and we’re working hard to find additional rooms. 

“We have close links to nearby Hull, which is a temporary measure because we’re expecting new accommodation on campus from January, but we understand this is not ideal and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”