Hull and Cottingham to be connected by 8km of cycle routes

Credit: PA

Hull City Council has announced that up to 8km of safer cycling lanes are to be installed between Hull and Cottingham.

The cycle routes are part of plans to improve cycling between Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire and the majority are set to be segregated from traffic or completely traffic-free.

The council has said that the route will run from the city boundary on Bricknell Avenue to Bond Street and will also feature upgraded off-road sections linking Waterloo Street and Charles Street.

Councillor Dean Kirk said: "As work to install safer cycling lanes in Beverley Road continues, we are now starting to work on a secondary route from Hull to the East Riding.

"We understand that we have a substantial travel-to-work population from the East Riding to Hull, so by providing safer and alternative routes we hope that it will encourage more people to change their habits and adopt a new way of travelling to work."

The lanes are being funded after the council won a grant of £2.2million from the Government's Getting Building Fund.

Councillor Gary McMaster, from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: "The proposals to improve cycle links in the East Riding to better connect Cottingham and Beverley to Hull will encourage more people to take up cycling as part of daily routine journeys, such as commuting, by providing safer, more convenient alternative routes for cyclists."