Worksop referee reunited with hero physio who saved his life after pitch heart attack

A referee from Worksop has been reunited with the physiotherapist who saved his life after he suffered a heart attack on the pitch.

66-year-old Andrew Jarvis was working as an assistant referee at a football match in Mansfield when he collapsed just before the second half.

"As I'm walking out to check the nets, I felt a little light-headed and then I had this overwhelming sense that I was going to pass out.

"The next thing I remember was waking in the Royal Derby Hospital intensive care unit at half past six in the morning."

Andrew Jarvis before suffering a heart attack

And that was all because of 26-year-old Shannon Brooks, who administered CPR and after using a defibrillator, his heart restarted.

"I have already said thank you but how can can't use words, there are no words to thank someone who's just saved your life."

Shannon's since started raising money to ensure defibrillators can be provided to non league clubs.

"Just knowing that he's going to see his family again is the best news I can ever wish for.

"It would have been a very different story without a defibrillator."

The match was called off that day and is due to be replayed on Saturday. Andrew's hoping to blow the whistle, although it will be a while yet before he resumes his duties as an assistant referee.