Yorkshire walking group 'the Kramblers' on a mission to recruit new members and break down barriers

The Yorkshire walking group the Kramblers - short for Kashmiri ramblers - are on a mission to recruit new members and break down barriers in the process. 

The Kramblers are all from black and ethnic minority backgrounds, and founders created the group to help address health inequalities within their communities.

Figures show that ninety nine percent of the millions of visitors to our National Parks are white, and members are passionate about making green spaces across our region more inclusive. 

Abdul Qayum, who set up the group, said: "Kramblers is basically an amalgamation of the Great British Ramblers' organisation and Kashmiri tradition, because we have got five of the highest peaks of the world in Kashmir.

"We thought if we don't take our own health in our hands, nobody's going to look after it, it's us who are responsible and remarkably we have stories within Kramblers of people with diabetes and heart conditions."

The Kramblers are passionate about making green spaces more inclusive.

Members of the Kramblers say taking part in the regular walks has given an immeasurable boost to their health and wellbeing.

Mohammed Khalil said: "The first time I couldn't even walk a few miles, and now I can climb mountains - the highest mountains in the UK. I would have needed some medical help by now. The Kramblers have made all the difference."

Fiaz Rashid said: "Health inequalities impact BAME communities more, and BAME communities are also largely congregated in urban areas, so when people see our pictures and what we do, they are amazed that such a beauty exists in our country."

And Sajeda Khalifa said: "We do these walks on a weekly basis to get people involved, especially women as well, to get them active in walking and taking daily exercise, that's how I got involved in the Kramblers and I have never looked back to be honest."

Zirca Ahmad - "We get to see loads of new places which we would never have been able to do on our own, and meet loads of different people."