Campaign launched to recruit more foster carers across South Yorkshire

Silhouettes of unidentifiable children in a school playground
The number of children in care reached more than 80,000 last year Credit: PA

A new campaign's been launched to get more people in South Yorkshire signed up as foster parents as stats show a rise in the number of young people needing care.

Government figures show more than 80,000 children were in care in March 2020, a rise from the year before, and there are fears the Covid-19 pandemic will have caused the number to increase even more.

Local fostering agency FCA has launched a campaign called #WithYou to highlight the effect having a positive role model can have on children in care to try and attract more people to sign up.

John Platt, Managing Director for FCA, said: “At FCA we offer all the tools young people need to equip them for a successful future, from CV workshops and interview training, to career events that help young people secure apprenticeships, part-time jobs, and future college courses.

"This is only possible with the support and dedication of our foster parents. Together we are all building stronger futures for children and young people in care.

The rate of looked-after children has risen to 67 per 10,000 children Credit: PA

“There is no predetermined path set for those that come into care, but with the right support, guidance and dedication from our parents, young people can go on to achieve their full potential.”

It's thought 8,000 new foster families are needed to support the growing number of children needing care.