University says students must prove vaccine status to enter Student Union club

University of Sheffields Student Union new rules requiring students to disclose their Covid status in order to go to club nights at a bar in the city has been met with division.

The guidance is in relation to the Foundry nightclub - but the Union concedes that they can't turn people away.

It comes weeks after the Government scrapped plans to bring in so-called vaccine passports which would have required people going to all nightclubs in England to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 amid industry fears of discrimination claims.

To enter union club nights students will need to prove they are protected from Covid, by showing they are either double vaccinated, have had a recent negative test or have finished self isolating after a positive test.

Some students feel the new rules are 'pointless' but others feel it is important for safety.

The union says the move comes after a poll of students found that 85% were in favour of Covid passes.

"It's been fine, the reception we've had, we've not had bad things back from students. I think it's a safer place in some cases, and it's putting student's minds at ease doing passes."

"We're not stopping anyone from coming as long as you can prove you haven't got it, we want to make sure we have a safe environment.''

In a statement, a University of Sheffield spokeswoman said it is supportive of the Student Union's effort to 'reduce the risk of transmission.'