PM: 'We are actively looking into smart motorway changes'

Our Political Correspondent Harry Horton has been speaking to the Prime Minister about issues affecting the region such as smart motorways and cladding. Credit: ITV Calendar

The Conservative Party conference has got underway in Manchester. Among some of the issues discussed, the Prime Minister says there needs to be a "proper resolution" over safety concerns about smart motorways.

In an interview with ITV Calendar, Boris Johnson refused to say whether he thought the motorways were safe. He also said the government was "actively looking into changes."

Campaigners from our region who have lost loved ones have been fighting for the hard shoulder to be reinstalled.

Boris Johnson also insists that the new Housing Secretary Michal Gove will fix the cladding issues facing people in the regions, despite not committing to providing any additional funding from government to support those affected.

The conference has been hearing from North Yorkshire MP and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who discussed his determination to fix public finances.

Michael Gove explained what he is trying to achieve in his "levelling up agenda."

One of the Prime Minister's challenges, two years after the General Election, is holding on to those "Red Wall" seats. Here is what people in one of those former Labour strongholds - Hatfield in the Don Valley - think of the job Boris has done so far.