Doncaster Rovers star surprises supporters who formed isolation-beating walking club

  • Report by Martin Fisher

A walking group, set up during lockdown to help with isolation has been surprised by one of the stars of the club they support.

Doncaster Rovers striker Fejiri Okenabirhie arrived after one of their walks with a pile of tickets for Rovers upcoming game with Wycombe.

It's ahead of World Mental Health Day and recognising why groups like this make a difference.

During lockdown it became a lifeline for many.

"Well I think it's great just to be outside for an hour or so you stroll around and it's also being able to come at a fixed time you sort of make a not of it and put it in your diary so you have got a reason to come out", said Ian Carpenter, one of the members.

And after the walk's finished it's back inside the stadium for a drink and bingo.

Scott Beresford from the Doncaster Rovers Foundation says the group has just gone from strength to strength.

"I think it has probably helped that they have spoken to me and some members of the club over the past like year year and a half and they bring a friend along they we have had a lot of people that have referred people that we didn't have before and it's just kind of grown from there really over the last four or five weeks so it has been really good."

Fejiri Okenabirhie

Fejiri Okenabirhie said it's so important to reconnect with the community after months of being cut off.

"After being in isolation and lockdown for so long to reconnect with everyone and get back in the community it is just something that we have all missed so things like this are great to bring people together."