Pet chihuahua left with broken bones after 'horrific' attack at hands of Hull owner

Credit: MEN Media

A dog owner from Hull who attacked his pet chihuahua on numerous occasions, leaving her with multiple injuries, including broken ribs, has been banned from keeping animals for life.

A court heard how three-year-old Rosie was left struggling to walk after an attack by Joshua Green.

The 30-year-old, of Staveley Road in Hull, has now been banned from keeping animals for life after he pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Rosie, when he appeared at Hull Magistrates' Court on September 28.

Green told the vets that Rosie had soiled herself when he had taken her for a walk. So, he went to give her a bath and as he did she went limp and stopped breathing.

Credit: RSPCA

He claimed she sustained the injuries as he gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and held her upright around her rib cage.

He also said he squeezed her chest to try and give her CPR compressions before she started breathing again. He claimed this caused the broken ribs and said teeth marks on her face were caused when he was trying to resuscitate her.

But, this was the third time Rosie had been presented to the vets in recent months. The vet was concerned that the injuries were non-accidental, so reported the matter to the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Alice Wilson visited the vets and could see Rosie was nervous and had obvious injuries. She said:

Further examinations revealed Rosie's injuries were much more extensive than first predicted.

Ms Wilson added: "A further detailed examination, including x-rays revealed that Rosie’s had broken ribs, a fractured tail, both dew claws had been ripped off, her front foot was severely damaged and had extensive bruising and swelling to her lips and muzzle area."

The court heard how Rosie had also been taken to the vet’s by Green just a month before on December 18, 2019, with a paw fracture, which Green claimed had been caused by a door shutting on her.

Credit: RSPCA

A month later, she was taken again on January 13, 2020, with sores around her neck, which Green claimed was caused by a skin condition.

However, an independent veterinary expert dismissed the claims and told the court the injuries were all consistent with multiple episodes of blunt force trauma applied to various locations of the body on different dates. They also said the neck injuries could have been caused by a chemical.

The expert also said when Rosie was taken to the vet's after she had supposedly been submerged in water her fur was dry.

In sentencing, the presiding magistrate said: "We consider it as absolutely horrific what you have put the dog through.

"Dogs cannot ask for help, they are completely dependent on their owners. This offence easily passes the custody threshold in our opinion."

In mitigation the court was told Green had some mental health issues and was aggressive.

As well as the ban on keeping animals for life, Green was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail suspended for 12 months.

In addition, he was handed a four month curfew between the hours of 8pm and 6am and must complete a 30 day rehabilitation order. He was also ordered to pay £300 costs.

After recovering from her injuries, Rosie was rehomed by the RSPCA with a loving new family and was renamed Dolly.

Credit: RSPCA

Her new owner said: "She was initially quite a timid little dog but settled quickly and enjoyed attention.

"Rosie, now called Dolly, will often get up and follow me as I leave a room. At first she was very nervous about certain things, such as any loud noises or sudden movements.

"For example there have been times where someone shouts on the TV or loud music may come on during an advert and she will stop what she is doing and shake, lower her head and tuck her tail up under herself."

But since then, Dolly has become much more settled and is enjoying meeting new people, as well as other dogs.

She added: "She is relaxed, wagging her tail a lot and trying to sit on people’s laps. She went to a dog friendly pub and sat on my colleague’s lap for the duration. She didn’t bark and wasn’t a disruption to any other guests. She had a very positive interaction with a young dog and wagged her tail at anyone who walked past. It was so lovely to see."