Victims of Jimmy Savile still coming forward more than a decade after his death

A lawyer representing many of the people abused by the paedophile Jimmy Savile has told ITV News that alleged victims are still coming forward to tell their stories.

It has been more than 10 years since Leeds-born Savile died and the extent of his crimes came to light - a new documentary on ITV tonight will speak to a detective from Operation Yewtree who investigated his offences which date back to the 1950s.

Jimmy Savile used his cover as a celebrity - and his charity work - to gain access to more victims.

214 crimes committed by Savile have been recorded by Britain's police forces, but one solicitor says this case is far from over and several victims have come forward in the past year.

Alan Collins told ITV Calendar: "They want, belatedly, society to accept that they too were victims of Savile but they have survived their ordeal but many years on here they are and they want to be believed and acknowledged and I suspect there are more out there."

Savile's long time employer, the BBC, has described his actions as "profoundly wrong" and says it has made changes.

However, a detective who worked on Operation Yewtree says lessons must still be learned, Gary Pankhurst said: "We could look at Savile and say this is an aberration that happened in a different time and its relevance to today is less because of all the things that have been put in place but the reality is that there were plenty of opportunities to find what Savile was up to."

The documentary, Savile - The Portrait of a Predator, will air on ITV at 9pm this evening (Wednesday October 7).