Royal seal of approval as Princess Anne steps onboard Hull charity yacht, CatZero

  • Video report by Jon Hill

There's been a Royal seal of approval today for a unique charity which has helped to enrich the lives of thousands of people, including youngsters, families and veterans in Hull and Northern Lincolnshire, by teaching them the ropes at sailing.

Princess Anne was in Hull to celebrate CatZero as she stepped onboard the charity's yacht to meet with those whose lives have been turned around.

CatZero sailors are novices who have never been to sea before and often face challenges in their own lives. They say they've learned the value of teamwork and overcoming tough obstacles.

Caz White said: "Before I did the programme, I was really bad, I was suffering really bad with mental health. I was on the brink of suicide really.

"And then I got a text saying, 'do you want to go on the CatZero programme.' 'Yeah sure, see what happens.' And then here I am. It's been a great adventure. As soon as I walked into that room, you're home now."

Meanwhile, fellow CatZero sailor, Lee Piggott explained: "I suffer with social anxiety, so I do struggle with talking to big, large groups of people.

"Now, I still have a bit of an issue, but I can now see that I can have a conversation with somebody and not stutter, not panic. That I am my own person."