Sheffield pupils make warm winter clothing bundles for Afghan refugee children

Pupils at a Sheffield primary school have been putting together bundles of warm clothing for Afghan refugee children who are facing their first winter in Yorkshire.

At just eight years old, Aryia Smith has inspired her classmates and friends at St Marie's Catholic Primary School to help those in need.

Aryia and her mum help out at Baby Basics in Sheffield, which supports new mums who find it hard to buy necessities for their children. Now, their generosity has expanded to help Afghan families. The clothes - all new and bought with donations- will go to around 7,500 Afghan children.

Aryia said: "There are kids who don't have much stuff, they just need more clothes and stuff and they just need help."

It's hoped that by helping others, the pupils will see life from a different perspective.

Cat Ross from Baby Basics said: "It gets them thinking, so OK I came to school in a warm winter coat today, an Afghan child is also going to need a warm winter coat for when it rains in the UK, or when snow comes in December or January. It helps them to understand that these children have had to travel a long way, they don't speak the language, they are coming to a different culture, and we want to show them love and be generous to them."

Aryia's proud mum Lydia said: "She's really shown that she does appreciate that there are people out there who need help and that she is willing to do it. I just think that each child that has so much needs to realise that there are equally as many if not more children that don't have enough."