'Devastated' Doncaster couple miss out on their honeymoon by 18 minutes due to 'invalid' Covid test

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A couple from Doncaster are warning holiday-makers to be careful when booking their Covid-19 tests, after being told at the airport that their son's test was invalid.

Adrian and Jane Smith's son Brandon needed a PCR test before joining them on their honeymoon trip to Spain as he had not yet been vaccinated. But when they arrived at Doncaster Airport they were told they couldn't go because their son's test was not valid.

Jane explained: "A lady came down the line and checked our documents. She didn't actually check Brandon's fit to fly certificate, she moved down the line."

Adrian added: "I sort of stopped her and said this is the negative test result and she kind of frowned a bit and said, 'oh I need to check the timings on this', and she went off and it very quickly escalated into us being pulled out of the line and told, 'sorry you can't get on the aircraft.'"

The couple were due to fly with Tui Credit: PA Images

Their £2,000 trip was booked with Tui and they used the company's recommended service for Brandon's  PCR test.

Adrian explained: "There were two very clear statements, one of them said step two take the test and it says up to 72 hours before the departure of the plane take the sample and register the sample.

"So it was very clear that it said departure of the plane not the arrival time in Spain, unfortunately that turned out to be incorrect information."

So for being outside the 3 day time limit by around 18 minutes, the couple were forced to return home and abandon their trip.

In a statement TUI told ITV Calendar:

Reacting, Jane said: "Devastated, absolutely gutted, shocked."

"We have lost our honeymoon" said Adrian, adding, "we can never rewind the clock and go back to that time now unfortunately.

"Tui have claimed the staff were supportive and did all they could to help while they simply stood there and watched us stranded in the airport it's just disgusting really."

Adrian and Jane haven't planned another honeymoon, the couple now want their experience to serve as a warning to others.