Warning after North Yorkshire residents targetted by fake police officer scam

North Yorkshire Police is warning residents to be on their guard after a surge in people being targetted by a scam in which a caller pretends to be a police officer.

The force says the caller tells the intended victim they are a "DC Thomas Daniels from Paddington Police Station" and urges them to hand over all their money for safekeeping - after the caller claims the victims bank card has been used fraudulently.

North Yorkshire Police said the 'key thing to remember' is that the police or your bank 'would never call you to move or withdraw money' and that is this happens you should 'hang up immediately.'

The police have issued these top tips to keep you safe:

  • The police or bank will never ask you to withdraw or transfer money

  • If you are ever told to lie to your bank, it is definitely a scam

  • Criminals can spoof telephone numbers, making it appear they are calling from a known bank customer service or police number so do not trust the number displayed on the caller ID.

  • If you are ever in any doubt, hang up immediately.

  • If you are worried you may have fallen victim to a scam, call 101 to report this to the police.