Rotherham woman with rare condition steps up 'life changing' surgery campaign

A woman from Rotherham with a rare genetic condition is stepping up her campaign for an operation which she hopes could transform her life.

Laura Wareham has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which weakens the connective tissues in her body. It means her neck is unstable and the pain of supporting her head is excruciating.

She is seeking an operation to stabilise her neck to enable her to sit up, but it is not available on the NHS. Due to this Laura and her parents are hoping to raise the money they need to send her abroad for surgery.

Laura's parents say they do not understand why their daughter is not being offered the surgery she wants.

Laura's sister Tanya died a year ago.

Laura's sister Tanya, who had the same genetic condition and also had cancer, died a year ago. Her death has given added impetus to Laura's campaign.

In a statement the NHS says a decision to undertake complex surgery has to be based on whether the benefits to the patient outweigh the risk.