How easy is it for one Sheffield family to go green?

Meet the Islam family. Dad Raj, Mum Shaz, 7 year old Ridwan and Zac who's 6.

Raj and Shaz are keen on going green, but getting the boys to join in seems a bit more difficult.

"It wasn't about ten years ago but now I've got kids it's sort of hit me that I have to leave something better behind," said Raj.

But with the boys loving their TV and video games, they're looking for new ways to save on money and on carbon.

Bring in eco-warrior John Grant to offer some top tips. 

John Grant meets the Islam family to offer them tips on going green Credit: ITV Calendar

While the Islams have recently installed new windows keep the cold out, John says they could do more:

"My concern is how the heat leaks out and if you're going to put blinds on. My thoughts are whether you could fit blinds which reflect heat back into your home for the winter."

And what about household bills?

"There are government grants to get some high tech replacements called a heat pump which is 300% percent efficient."

Heat pumps are being increasing used as a low carbon solution. Credit: PA Images

Heat pumps work by taking in air from outside to heat a liquid refrigerant. This turns it into a gas. Using electricity, the heat pump compresses this gas to increase its temperature. This heat is transferred into your home, and the gas condenses back to a liquid again.

Stored hot water can then be used for showers, baths and taps. Heat is also sent to your radiators or underfloor heating. It can also be used to heat water in a hot water cylinder.

Just by making some gradual changes, the Islams could save over £300 a year on energy.

"It's quite easy my top tip rather than change something quickly and without thought. Come up with a plan and look at your house now and how it might be in the future."

This is just one house in Sheffield.

But by making some simple changes - one step at a time the Islams could themselves save money - and help save the planet too.