"I'm scared to go out" - Sheffield spiking victim speaks out after huge rise in cases

A teenager from Sheffield has spoken out about being "too scared to go out" after being spiked by a needle.

It was only two days after she went out that she realised what had happened and was rushed to to A&E where she had tests for HIV. 

''I'm scared to go out. I've had nightmares about it.  I used to go out with my friends at least once a week. But now I think - somebody's done this to me and they're going to do it again.''

But this wasn't the only case in Sheffield over the past week. South Yorkshire Police has launched investigations into three separate incidents.

Two in the early hours of Saturday and one in the early hours of Monday. The victims were teenage girls who were allegedly injected with a syringe and officers say inquiries are ongoing.

Further figures from the force reveals that up until last week, since mid September there have been 53 spiking offences reported across South Yorkshire.

Of these, 13 were recorded as spiking by injection:

South Yorkshire Police says it is taking every allegation seriously.

Det Ch Insp Ben Wood said: ''I don't want anyone to feel unsafe in Sheffield city centre - unfortunately there does seem to be a rise in these sort of offences. As well as investigating the offences as we have been doing over this weekend in particular. We are also going to have extra patrols in the area.''

In West Yorkshire - official figures show only three medically confirmed needle spiking cases in the past few months.

But that's not the true story - according to anecdotal evidence gathered by the deputy mayor for policing. She says 71 victims have come forward this week in Leeds alone. It's ahead of an emergency online meeting on Thursday night with MPs, club owners and students to tackle the issue.

Wiktoria Wrzyszcz Claim Back West Street said:

She says many don't make a report sue to fear of not being believed.

That's something this victim in Sheffield can understand.

''The police need to take it seriously - and anyone who has to deal with people should be more aware - in A&E I felt they wanted to turn me away at the reception until I saw a doctor.''

And if anything comes from speaking out - this victim hopes it's that all allegations of spiking are taken seriously.