How much carbon do you think it takes to drive two miles?

Air pollution in Sheffield has exceeded legal limits since 2010. 

Becky and Hannah from the Women of Steel cycling group have decided to cycle the 2 miles to the city centre to see how much carbon they could save.

It takes around ten minutes.

When they arrive, Professor of Transport and Energy Jillian Anable has the data:

To put that in context, four hundred grams is about the same weight as a football, the drink in a can of pop, or two adult hamsters.  

Compared to zero carbon used by cycling.

"I just had no idea that a short journey like that would have such a big impact and it would add up over time," said Becky.

A third of all car travel is made up of these sorts of small journeys.  Easy to see then, how making a small change could make a big difference.